Gustavo Magalhães (1988) is a Brazilian artist based in São Paulo.

After 10 year as an illustrator and living in the music and arts scene, he developed an unique and embracing style with a multidisciplinary range. His work flows between handmade and digital illustration, and has a strong cinematic style with huge influence from 90's alternative comics.

He's one of the founders of Miopia, a Brazilian collective studio of artists, focused on print and merchandise for bands worldwide.

In 2019 he started a position as Senior Illustrator at Fried Design, from Springfield, Missouri USA, dividing his time between his personal work, the agency and his dogs.


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Is a newsletter where I share my work process and my comic "No Meio Fio" (PT only).

Selected Clients

The New Yorker | The Intercept | Paramount | Jeep | GQ | Volkswagen | Cincinnati Magazine | Forbes | The New Republic | Golf Digest | Adidas | VC S/A | El Correo | Você RH | Superinteressante | Sony Music | Itaú | Society | Tampon! | BMW | The Academy | Ypioca | Tang | Panasonic | Diageo | Foco na Missão | Converse | Editora Mol 
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